Use Your Closet for Decor Inspiration ~ How to Decorate Your New Home According to Your Personal Style~



Buying a new house is an exciting step, and most homeowners want to turn their recently purchased abode into a beautifully decorated home that reflects their own style and personality. But, it can be quite a task to take on completely redecorating a new space. You’ll need to invest in furniture and decor that fit with the vibe of the house.

For anyone looking at Charleston beach houses for sale, or similar types of properties, you can use the shoreline environment as inspiration, with beachy items like seashells in the bathroom, beach signs as decor, and sky-blue wall paint. You can also look to your very own closet for personal style inspo. Check out some of these tips to give your new home a beautifully designed interior.

Finding Your Home Decor Style

When it comes to decorating the inside of your house, there are so many different style options to choose from. Many newer homes are created with a modern design that includes sleek furniture and minimal decorations while others prefer a rustic farmhouse vibe featuring sliding barn doors and stained wood. These are a few of the most popular decor styles, but feel free to add touches of different styles to make your home your own.

●      Modern

Although modernist styles are often confused with contemporary styles, the two do have some elements in common. Modern interior design emphasizes a kind of minimalist design tactic eliminating any extraneous details, designs, or decor. This is the perfect style for anyone who lives to keep things simple and orderly. Modern decor also uses a lot of neutral or earth-tone colors and incorporates natural-looking elements like wood and real house plants.

●      Rustic

Rustic and farmhouse style homes are defined by their old-time feel while still incorporating modern types of decor. Farmhouse interior designs often feature wooden farmhouse style doors that slide on a track, as well as exposed wooden beams. When decorating your home in this style, the key is to find farmhouse items that give off a rustic vibe without too much clutter.

You can purchase brand new items in this style or seek out repurposed decor, such as old door frames or windows that can be converted into unique wall decorations. The overall feel of the house should be cozy and the style is perfect for a mountain house or cabin.

●      Beach House

So many people dream of somehow owning their very own beach house. Whether you’re moving to Charleston, SC, Santa Monica, CA, or any other beach town or you’re simply trying to channel those beach vibes into your home, the decorating options are endless. Shades of light blue are often used in beach houses to brighten the rooms while seashells, beach house signs, and flip flop decorations are used to adorn your rooms.

Tatyana Korotun/

Tatyana Korotun/

How to Use Your Style for Decor Inspiration

 ●      Plan Out Each Room

Before you start purchasing items for your rooms, you should make some type of plan for how you want each room to look. Consider what elements you want to be displayed in your living room versus the bedroom. Some people incorporate different themes in each of the bedrooms while still maintaining an overall style.

 It will be much easier to create a seamless interior design throughout your home if you take the time to do a little bit of planning. This will also help you avoid overbuying items, creating a room that might be too crowded with decorations, or incorporating items that don’t quite match the style of the room.

 ●      Have an Overall Color Scheme

You don’t need to paint the entire inside of your home the same color, but there should be some kind of scheme. Colors that are too different from each other may give the house a mismatched feel. Try to stick to one color palette and ensure all of the walls flow together.

 If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate the walls, many people gravitate toward the accent wall trend, which emphasizes just one wall in a room by adding a bright pop of color or a unique wallpaper that matches the rest of the room. This is a fun way to brighten the room and add a bit of personality. If you notice your closet contents seem to be made up of a particular color palette, you may want to test out using this same color scheme in your own home.

 ●      Seek Out Decor that Fits

Your very own closet should be able to provide some guidance on the style of decorations and furnishings you would like to display in your home. If you have a more boho-chic sense of style, you might be looking for items like macrame wall hanging decorations, funky fringe pillows, and rambling potted plants.

 Anyone who has a more sleek, simple style may gravitate toward contemporary items that focus on clean lines and use very few knick-knacks as decorations. Try to identify some of the key elements of your personal style and brainstorm ways to incorporate these very same aspects into your home decor.

 ●      Find a Focal Piece

In each room of your home, there is usually one particular piece of furniture and/or artwork that jumps out as soon as you step into the room. When you’re decorating a new house and trying to channel your inner style, it’s a good idea to determine what is going to be the focal piece of every room. Maybe it’s a funky couch in the living room in a unique color like bright red. Or, maybe it’s a large, original painting by a favorite artist hanging on the wall. Determine what and where you want your focal pieces to be and then start shopping!

 Make Your Home Your Own

Purchasing a new home is a thrilling new adventure, and you want to make sure you can style and care for your home in the best manner possible. As you begin considering how to decorate, look to your very own closet for inspiration, from boho chic to sleek contemporary. Take the time to consider what design elements you like and the environment surrounding the property before you pick an overall decorating theme for your cozy new home.

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