Using Feng Shui to Improve Your Condo Layout

Over 3,000 years ago, the Chinese created an art and science called Feng Shui, which is now used as a methodology for the placement of objects to ensure positive energy and good fortune. Feng means wind, and Shui translates to water. In Chinese culture, the elements of wind and water are correlated with good health. So, a positive Feng Shui means good luck, and a negative Feng Shui can mean misfortune or bad luck.When applying the concepts of Feng Shui, you are providing balance and harmony to the energy within your space, such as your office, garden, or even your condominium. Feng Shui continues to grow in popularity as more and more people are looking to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate aspects of wellness into what they do and where they live. If you live in a condo, there are a variety of tips that you can leverage to assure that good fortune and state of wellness that you desire.

Three Quick Tips to Bring Energy through Feng Shui to your Condo

  1. Especially important if you have a smaller condo, make sure that you keep your clutter to a minimum. Keeping too much clutter can add stress and anxiety, and can make it difficult for you to relax, both mentally as well as physically.
  2. Keeping your condo clean is a great way to ensure positive energy and wellness. Be sure to clean your condo at least once per week, and more if needed. It is important to get into even the tiniest of spaces to help rid your unit of bad energy.
  3. Open the blinds, and pull curtains open to let natural light into your space. And, be sure to open exterior windows a few times a week to let bad energy escape, and let positive energy enter. Air circulation is important, so if your air is stagnant, invest in a fan that can help circulate the air, especially on those dates that you open your windows and doors.

    Maximizing Your Layout to Maintain Feng Shui

    Aside from cleaning, decluttering, and airing out your rooms, there are a variety of strategies that you can apply to ensure your layout is aligned to the Feng Shui methodology. And, there are three primary areas that you should focus on, to get started: your front door, your kitchen, and your bedroom.

    • Your front door – Your front door is what brings new people and new opportunities. When your entrance is designed properly, it can allow money, wealth, and other opportunities to enter your space. If your entry is blocked, then the chi (life energy) is unable to enter. While this can be more difficult with condo or apartment living, do what you can to ensure that nothing is blocking the entry to your front door. No objects should be pointed at your front door, such as that of a corner, a t-intersection, or something that blocks your door or is directly in line with it. These items are considered Sha chi (killing chi), and should be avoided.
    • Your kitchen – Your stove is a source of food, and represents the ability to gain food through your career or job. As such, make sure the top of your stove is always clean and that it functions properly (make sure all burners work). You should be sure that your stove is cleaned thoroughly as part of your regular cleaning habits. And, make sure that you use your stove regularly, especially for boiling water for tea. Also, look for gaps between your stove and sink; if these items are positioned close together, and the gap is less than two feet, then this creates a clash between fire and water (the elements)
    • Your bedroom – This is where you sleep, and thus it is also where you rejuvenate and relax to prepare your mind and body for the next day. Your bed should be placed in a command position. When your bed is positioned directly in line with the door, this is considered the coffin position and is believed to cause health concerns in the feet or legs. Also, avoid placing your bed on the same wall as the door; this can cause poor sleep. Avoid bedrooms that are round, L-shaped, or triangular in shape. It is best if your bedroom is square or rectangular, which represents stability. The command position allows you to see the door from your bed, but you are not in direct line with it. The command position is the location furthest from the door, that is not in a direct line with it. In most cases, it is located diagonally from the door, and facing the door.


    Look at Floor Plan and Chi Flow Before You Purchase a Condo or Lease an Apartment

    If you are in the position to assess the floor plan or layout of your condo before purchasing, it will help to ensure that you have space to work with to maximize furniture placement while assuring proper flow of energy. If the chi flow is already smooth, or you can improve flow through furniture positioning, then you are in good shape. But it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to reposition the kitchen and bathroom, or even the bedroom.With Feng Shui, walls, especially with the right positioning, will promote the good flow of energy. This, in turn, will provide more positive feelings inside the home, which can aid in wellness. While it is possible to use artwork on a wall that is not positioned as you desire, when you can work with proper wall placement in the first place, it will be much easier for you to achieve a proper Feng Shui.

 *Guest Blogger- Emmy

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