Wainscoting Hacks that Will Transform Your Dining Room

Blog By: ModernizePaneling has, over the years, developed a poor reputation within the interior design world, and many homeowners are reluctant to use it in an important place, such as a dining room. This low reputation, however, is largely a product of poor quality and terrible applications. Wainscoting, a paneling method that only partially covers a wall, is a superb approach to adding accents to a room. Wainscoting also allows homeowners to create subtle contrasts, such as pairing white panels against matte-colored paint work. With the right choices, we at Modernize believe wainscoting can provide a dining room with a classy accent.An Architectural Look1Photo: Via Modernize.comOne of the most popular styles of wainscoting employs a strongly architectural style. These types of wainscoting are reminiscent of Victorian-era plaster cast elements that were added to luxury homes. A newer generation of materials, however, allows these types of panels to be very durable, and they’re also easy to clean, making them ideal additions to any dining space.Raised PanelsPhoto: WainscotingAmerica.comNot every interior is compatible with a traditional look of luxury, but there is a type of wainscoting that’s suited to more modern styles. Raised panels look good, and they add a strong element of visual interest to otherwise plain walls. They’re a superb choice for homeowners who wish to create a contrast against plain interior walls.Wall PanelsVia DonRizzie.comWall panels are a more aggressive approach to deploying wainscoting within a dining room. They’re best utilized in rooms that have high ceilings, and they can be a clever way to break up the monotony of a large wall. They look glamorous, and they play nicely with accent features, such as chandeliers, that are popular in many dining areas. Wall panels can also be integrated with other features in a room, including doors, allowing a homeowner to hide those elements and reduce the attention that dining guests might pay them.Wainscoting is a detailed accent features, and homeowners should keep a few issues in mind when using it. As with many accents, it’s a good idea to only use wainscoting in spaces that are relatively simple and subtle. Wainscoting plays best with matte finishes and paint colors that are light or subtle. It also works nicely when stylistically integrated with other elements, such as large windows and doorways. 

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