Was Choosing A Metal Roof For My Home A Good Idea ???????

The long awaited question “do I love my new metal roof?”  is about to be answered today, and I answer this question with an unalterable YES!  I say yes to the style, form and function of this beauty.  I never thought a clean, crisp roof could administer the butterflies as our new kitchen did, but it does. It gives my home a little pick me up.  It’s a fetching protector of my home and has not only added to the numerical value, but a striking design element as well. You could say it gives my home that certain je-ne-sais-quio I had been looking for.As of today I don’t have a single regret. I don’t regret choosing this shinning beauty over a shingle roof.  I don’t regret spending 20% more, because most of the cost will be recouped over the next several years.  Like I mentioned in my previous blog, “To Metal Or Not To Metal”, I would like to reiterate all the reasons why it was the best choice for me…Metal is non-combustible and will never catch fire, i’m a big fan of this one!  It will protect my house against extreme weather conditions such as hurricane level winds. During heavy rain storms metal roofs can be noisy, “so I heard”, but since installation the heavens have opened up several times and I’ve heard  nothing!  Not a pitter, not even a patter of sound against the metal . It won’t crack, chip or warp, unlike all other common roofing materials. It’s going to save us as much as 25% off our annual home energy bill.  It’s cooling reflective surface reflects solar heat right back into the atmosphere. I cannot wait to see the savings on my electric bill this summer! My roof will certainly last past my lifetime and will remain 100% recyclable at the end of its service life. It will never end up in our landfills and for that reason alone the choice was a wise one for me!

Roof Before

roof before 2 roof before  roof almost 3  


roof yesr2 r5                                                                                             

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