What Makes Tote Bags So Popular

 Gone are the teeny, tiny purses of past seasons—this year, tote bags are stepping into the spotlight as your new go-to bag. And it’s easy to see why this go-big or go-home style is so popular. Made from durable fabrics that show off your style with large, roomy interiors that are perfect for holding all of your things, these spacious bags are just as functional as they are stylish. Carry your planner, an extra pair of flats, and anything else you might need to take on the day, all in one place.

 Want to know what makes tote bags so popular? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite reasons why this over-the-top bag should never go out of style.

 They’re Functional

Tote bags are more than just errand bags to stash in the trunk of your car. Instead, a stylish, go-to tote is a functional way to carry your favorite things—and their use is only limited by your imagination. Thanks to their large interior, handy totes work perfectly as gym bags, beach bags, and work bags, too. A tote is a great way to carry all of your things without having to resort to bringing multiple bags or packing your things in a frumpy backpack.

 For a fashionable take on a utilitarian staple, look for sharp, roomy designs that can fit all your essentials in one place. They also make great gifts, too!


They’re Sustainable and Ethical

Your favorite tote is also an eco-friendly handbag choice. Ditch the plastic shopping bags or harmful leather styles and opt for a cotton or canvas tote bag that can be reused for years, and in many different ways, too. Look for ethically-made options that are fair trade, or opt for vegan leather to lessen your carbon footprint. It’s important to look for totes made from sustainable materials—there are tons of bags on the market that are made from recycled materials in a closed-loop production style that will keep harmful items out of the landfill. Whatever popular style you choose, you can do good for the planet along the way while reducing your plastic use, too.

 Keep a tote bag handy in the trunk of your car or in the bottom of your favorite bag and use it for errands, shopping, and more.


They’re Long Lasting and Durable

Totes have also gained popularity in recent years for their long-lasting, durable nature. These functional bags are made to last and can often withstand years of use with proper care. This is due primarily to their materials—most totes come in a durable canvas that won’t tear or rip with proper care. They’re flexible, too, meaning you won’t have to worry about them losing their shape over time. Look for a tote made from quality materials with a strong build or consider a waterproof option for even more durability in your bag.


There’s Endless Designs

Perhaps the most loved facet of tote bags is the possibility for endless designs, colors, and customization. Don’t be fooled by the bag’s simple structure; they’re a blank canvas for showing off what matters most to you. Make a statement by choosing a tote with a slogan you love, a cause you believe in, or a pattern that speaks directly to you. The words, art, or design on your tote bag can become a reflection of your identity—which is everything you’d want from your go-to bag.

 You can also create your own custom tote bag with your favorite photo or design to create a bag you’ll love to use, each and every day. While it may be simple (after all, it’s just a sack with straps!) a tote bag can remind you of special moments, memories, and meaningful explorations wherever you go.


You Can Support a Cause You Love

Tote bags are also popular due to their ability to support the causes that matter most to you. Many artists, designers, and brands have taken up the tote bag as a versatile and easy way to share their values and beliefs, while making charitable donations along the way. They’re also a popular merchandising item, too. If you want to support people or causes you love, look for options that support your favorite groups, including environmental initiatives, fair trade, or wildlife funds. Whatever you choose, you’ll be standing up for what you believe and look good while doing it.


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