What Will 2015 Bring In Luxury Home Design? DIY Tips for Your 2015 Home.

2015 will be an exciting year for home décor and interior design! Visual impact will be key. You will see a captivating celebration of unique and eclectic designs, encouraging us to be more bold & creative with a provocative mix of styles, colors, textures and shapes from around the world.1. BE BOLD  – 2015 is encouraging us to be more bold & creative with our designs with its provocative mix of styles, colors, textures and shapes. It will be a year to celebrate an individual’s personality with versatility and innovation. You will feel a sense of freedom with twist of clashing palettes and vibrant international colors. With all the opulence and eccentric patterns comes natural and spa like designs that bring you to a deeper spiritual level of overall health and wellness.2015 living1PONCE M1 LIVING     2. MIX THE OLD AND NEW – 2015 will incorporate a fusion of styles intertwining recycled ideas with new contemporary furniture to give a space a unique interpretation of modern design.Keeping with the recycled theme you will see environmentally friendly designs and products that require less energy and reduce the cost of running our homes. Being aware of your footprint will keep your future projects as energy efficient as possible. Reinsulating your home, replacing old windows and using compact florescent light bulbs are a few ways of becoming more environmentally friendly. Every day products – such as plates, decorative items and lamps – can also be eco-friendly when they are made of natural materials, such as copper, stone, and linen cloth.PowerPoint Presentation 3. MIX OF MATERIALS – Combining metals, glass, leather and wood details will be prominent. Leathers, cozy furs, rattan and chunky knits textures add depth and interest to a room. Crafted browns will be intermingles with more vibrant colors to create a more modern appeal. Nature inspired decorative patterns will arise in next year’s wallpaper and fabric designs. You will see flexible textiles that take on a natural look as well.fur chair214 Fur chairsfloral yes copy4. FASHION AND DESIGN – You will see a fascinating parallel between fashion and home interiors next year. This year’s fur and ethnic fashion mood translates beautifully into come décor.5. PATTERNS – Maximizing patterns will also be popular in 2015. Geometric patterning on walls and furnishings will be seen in 2015 along with exotic motifs and ethnic decorative patterns.6. VIBRANT, ETHNIC COLORS  – Color will abound in 2015!  Spicy reds, deep gold’s, plums, indigo, browns, black and rich velvety jeweled tones will all play a role in next year’s designs.  Look for major influences to come from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  7. LARGE ART – Large digital art will be popular in 2015 as will Wall decor ideas, letters, creative shelves and unusual wall decorations.PONCE M2 LIVING3 copy

8. LOVELY LUCITE  – Lucite furniture will be back and in full bloom in 2015!



9. INDUSTRIAL  -The industrial look is everywhere! Leather chairs with pipe frames, over scaled pendant factory lights. Warm metals ( bronze and gold) are still shown predominantly over silver.


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