What’s The Best Way To Bring “LIFE” Into A Room???

One of the greatest ways to give life to a room is with a light fixture. A chandelier is a natural focal point to any room and the absence of one can sometimes make a space feel undone. Just like a chandelier will do for a room. Hanging in all its glory, it will add some much needed style and drama to a space. I like to compare chandeliers to a beautiful piece of jewelry. Recently I wore a pale blue chiffon dress to a friends wedding with a multi layered statement necklace adorned with emerald, pink and cream pearls. Now, if I chose to wear the blue dress without jewelry it would of felt basic and ordinary. The necklace was the perfect finishing touch and brought life to the dress. The jewelry danced magically with the dress, the way the happy newlyweds danced that night.In our design firm we are always thinking about lighting when we tackle a room. It’s an important design ascetic that we never dismiss.  The right chandelier can instantly change the look and feel of a room, so it’s crucial to decide well. We ask ourselves many questions during the design process. What size fixture will fit in the room?  What do we want the room to say?  Does the client want a statement piece? What kind of mood do we want to set?  Are there other light fixtures in the room and how well will the chandelier compliment them? Does the room need a pop of color and what color would compliment the room perfectly? Can the room handle a larger chandelier or will a smaller fixture get lost in the space? When all the questions are answered with careful thought and consideration the selection begins!Below are a photos from a couple of our recent design installations that I thought you would enjoy. Lamp #1 Guest Bedroom canopy Astoria Luxury Home Beasley and Henley Interior Design Stock Development Naples Florida lamp #5lamp #3lampl #4lamp #11

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