WOW- A 3D Printed House!

First there were miniature handheld sculptures, then heart valves and now sprawling homes that have all been created by using 3D printing. Through 3D printing technology they all possess the same anatomical architecture as the real thing.  The Chinese company WinSun developed a 12,000sq ft. mansion and a five story apartment building using 3D printed layers. The layers were made of mixed concrete and recycled waste materials, such as glass and steel.Not only are these structures eco friendly, but the cost is a fraction of what the going market asks today. This awe inspiring technology can shorten production times up to 60 percent and save up to 50 percent of building materials.  In the future,  different architectural design software applications can be used to build bridges and skyscrapers. Advancements will eventually  lead them to be built right on site. Who knows what the future holds for 3D technological advancements, but it’s exciting to think of all the possibilities.

Luxurious 12,000 square foot mansion built by WinSun, using 3D printing. The home was reinforced with steel and filled with installation.

3 D House Final copy

In order to  build this mansion, they needed a 20 feet high printer with a span of over 4,000 feet.  The substantial printer squeezes out one layer at a time, in a diagonal fashion.  They use recycled materials and quick dry cement in the process.


A computer controls a mechanical extruder arm to lay down the concrete. It is then treated with special hardeners so each layer is strong enough to support the next.


Here you have the final product. It’s simply amazing to see!


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